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Whirly Squigz

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Whirly Squigz

Product Description

Send your little explorer twirling and whirling into a delightful sensory adventure!

Each Whirly Squigz is made of 100% high-quality silicone that's colorful, pleasant to touch, and safe for teething.

Hold them, explore their unique contours, chomp on them and let them soothe sore gums...

Then, stick them to any smooth, flat, non-porous surface - like a bathtub wall, a tabletop, or a window - give them a spin, and... WHOOSH! - Around and around they go, faster than the eye can see!

Sensory exploration spins in a new direction with Whirly Squigz.

Whirly Squigz - 2018
  • Set of 3 colorful silicone spinners
  • Encourages fine motor skills, sensory exploration, cause-effect learning
  • A mesmerizing experience for the hands and eyes
  • Spinners made of 100% high quality, food-grade silicone - Perfect for teething
  • Each features a suction cup on one side, swirl-textured dome on the other
  • Sticks to any smooth, flat, non-porous surface
  • Spin wonderfully smooth and fast
  • Bearings made of high quality plastic - Won't rust or degrade in the tub
  • Includes 3 Whirly Squigz - One with 2 petals, one with 3, and one with 4
  • BPA-Free, fully safety tested
  • High-quality design and materials - Lasting durability and safety

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 9/14/2018
    Manufactured In Country of Origin China
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 10 months
    Fat Brain Toys Monthly Sales Ranking #10

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    Total Customer Reviews: 300

    Overall Rating: (4.86)

    Review of Whirly Squigz

    Posted 01/12/2022 by
    Janae Smith

    It helps that my son (almost 2) is obsessed with ceiling fans, but these things are an absolute wonder to him. We stick them on every conceivable surface in our house, and he has a blast spinning them. Very happy with our purchase!

    My Review of Whirly Squigz

    Posted 01/04/2022 by
    Karen Pierce

    I'm not sure who likes it more, the 8 month old or her grandparents. It's an addictive toy that makes you keep spinning them.

    My Review of Whirly Squigz

    Posted 12/29/2021 by

    My 17 month old loves the whirly squigz! They stick to various surfaces, so she can enjoy them all over the house. Great purchase!

    My Review of Whirly Squigz

    Posted 12/26/2021 by
    Dana Senecal

    Love these. Great for eye hand coordination. Can use them anywhere. Very entertaining

    Whirly Squigz were a hit with my great-grandson who has ASD. He loves spinning things and these spinners go in the bath with him and in the pool also. He can stick them to anything and spin them. Look forward to purchasing more FatBrain toys.

    Posted 12/15/2021 by
    Linda Colle

    I like that they are soft and flexible and be easily washed so they are not germ spreaders. Also they don't break easily.

    My Review of Whirly Squigz

    Posted 12/14/2021 by

    The toys were so fun in the windows and the Quality of the toy will stand the test of years of happy playtime.

    My Review of Whirly Squigz

    Posted 12/12/2021 by
    April Wang

    Great toy for infants. Keeps them busy.

    My Review of Whirly Squigz

    Posted 12/12/2021 by
    Sarah Ann Silbernagel

    I feel like for three pieces the price is steep. It's clear they have high-quality bearings which makes them spin wonderfully, but the 4-piece one is too heavy and falls down no matter what I stick it to. So that one feels like I can't get use out of it.

    Posted 12/08/2021 by
    Megan Woodcraft

    These are great! My baby girl and toddler especially love to play with them in the bath, where they adhere easily to the wall of the tub. My older kids can't help but spin them too. They're high quality and lots of fun!

    My Review of Whirly Squigz I ordered Whirly Squigz for my 3 month old grandson, he loves them. I had ordered the same gift for my 18 month old granddaughter when she was about the same age. Not only did she love spinning them on the wood floor then, but

    Posted 12/02/2021 by
    Juli Stierhoff

    I ordered Whirly Squigz for my 3 month old grandson and he loves them. I had ordered the same gift for my 18 month old granddaughter when she was about six months old. Not only did she love spinning them on the wood floor then, but now she plays with them in her bathtub. These are a great gift and last a long time as a fun toy.

    My Review of Whirly Squigz

    Posted 12/01/2021 by
    Elizabeth Sarsfield

    Our daughter loves the whirly squigz! She can sit or stand and play with them for a long period of time. I love them because I can stick them to the dishwasher or refrigerator to keep her occupied and near when I am working in the kitchen.

    My Review of Whirly Squigz

    Posted 11/30/2021 by
    Mackenzie Ferrante

    These are great - my 1 yo gets really excited about them for about 5 - 10 minutes, enough time for me to do some dishes or make his lunch/my lunch. Sometimes he can rip them off the fridge pretty easily and others it seems like I stuck them on there pretty good. These with the tinker rings buys me about 15 minutes of time, which is awesome!

    My Review of Whirly Squigz

    Posted 11/29/2021 by
    Sheri Elliott

    I bought this for our 18 month old grandchild. He loves things that turn or spin. I put these on our window. He absolutely loves them. They spin easily. They are well balanced. I'm very impressed.

    Posted 11/27/2021 by

    My son is obsessed with these toys. This is actually our second set, because he loves them so much I wanted to have a backup just in case! My son is on the autism spectrum and these "flowers" (as he calls them) help him to relax, something that can be difficult for him at times. We love these and all of the other Fat Brain Toys that he has received in the past.

    Don't stick and coming apart.

    Posted 11/23/2021 by

    I thought these would be great to stick to the fridge so the baby can play with it but they don't stay on. Plus, the suction thing has come off on one of them and I fear it's a choking hazard.

    Note from Fat Brain Toys:

    We never want a defective toy to ruin your fun. If anything you order from us turns out to be broken or defective in any way, please give us a call at 1-800-590-5987, or head over to our Returns and Exchanges page. We’ll have a fresh, properly functioning replacement sent your way ASAP. Or, we'll be happy to exchange it for something new, give you store credit, or give you a full refund!

    Entertains for years!

    Posted 11/23/2021 by

    Purchased two years ago when my granddaughter was 6 months old. She loved these then and still loves them. They look and work like new. And how much fun it's been to watch how her play has changed as she's gotten older. Recommend very highly!!

    My Review of Whirly Squigz

    Posted 11/22/2021 by
    Kathryn Titus

    My one-year old grandson loves his Whirly Squigz. They're sturdy, whirly, and can stick to nearly anything. They're more solid than I'd expected, and are super-portable fun. I'd recommend them to anyone!

    My Review of Whirly Squigz

    Posted 11/21/2021 by
    Melody Crowder-Meyer

    These are so simple and fun. We gave to a friend's 1 year old and they loved them and played with them for years. Stick them to a table top, a coffee table, a bookshelf - they're fun anywhere. Such a hit that we bought them for our own 1 year old and he loves them too!

    Great quality and engaging for my 12 month old!

    Posted 11/20/2021 by
    Maria Darling

    Perfect size for small hands. Easy to stick on to almost any surface. Also great for traveling as it's easy to throw in any bag.

    My Review of Whirly Squigz

    Posted 11/19/2021 by
    Lu Yin

    My LO (11 months) love it. We stick it to glass /metal surfaces and he likes to stand and spin it. Another bonus is that it's large enough that I don't have to worry about it being a choking hazard.

    Age Appropriateness for Whirly Squigz

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