Best Toys for 5 Year Old Boys in 2022

Making learning fun for little ones is easy with these top toys for 5 year old boys from Fat Brain Toys. Using feedback from our customers, we’ve put together this collection of the most popular toys for boys. Whether he loves puzzles or gets a kick out of silly games, these toys will inspire him to try new challenges, use his imagination and have a ton of fun with pure, authentic play. If you’re looking for great gifts for 5 year old boys that they’ll truly treasure, browse this curated collection at Fat Brain Toys.

See Toys in Action

When you browse through our collection of educational toys for children, you'll find that we're incredibly detailed when it comes to describing our products. Many games and toys actually feature videos where you can see the toys in action before making a purchase. And, if you check out the features for any product, you'll discover how each one helps kids to learn, grow and develop. Whether it's teaching them about sequencing, boosting their matching abilities, encouraging object recognition or sparking their imagination to come up with creative solutions, these toys for 5 year old boys are designed to inspire a lifelong love of learning in any little one.

Top-Notch Toys

At Fat Brain Toys, we only offer high-quality toys that will stand the test of time. These aren't trendy, mass-produced toys based on the latest kids' movie. Instead, we deliver educational and inspiring toys that your kids will love and cherish. These toys continue to challenge and excite kids, and feature the quality materials and design that parents can appreciate. And, by shopping in our collection of the best toys for boys, you can get a product that's just right for his age. Shop now to find the perfect gift for any kiddo you have in mind.