Best Toys for 12 Year Old Girls in 2022

No matter what you child is into these days, you’ll find a gift that’s just right for her when you shop our collection of toys for 12 year old girls at Fat Brain Toys. We have dozens of games, puzzles, books and more designed for kids her age and covering a vast range of interests and hobbies. By using feedback from real customers, we’ve been able to narrow down the toys that are the most popular with preteen girls, so you know that any gift you pick is sure to be a winner. Browse our full collection of fun educational gifts at Fat Brain Toys to find something special to surprise her with.

More Than Your Average Toy

Many mainstream toys today don't offer an especially enriching experience for kids. But with these toys for 12 year old girls, you'll find that your child can learn and grow while she plays. We like to say that the toys we offer help to give every kid's brain a boost by encouraging them to use their imagination, be creative and learn new things. Whether she is solving a tricky puzzle, creating something beautiful with a fun DIY kit or reading about one of her favorite subjects, you can count on these gifts for girls to enrich your child and expand her intellect.

Perfect for Preteens

Girls are growing and changing all the time at this age. They don't want to be treated like a little kid anymore, but they're not all grown up just yet. These toys strike the perfect balance to make preteen girls feel appreciated and understood. If you've been searching for unique gifts that will make her feel special, be sure to shop for toys for 12 year old girls at Fat Brain Toys.