Best Toys for 1 Year Olds in 2022

Help kids develop a lifelong love of learning by choosing from this fantastic collection of toys for 1 Year Olds. As little ones transition out of the baby stage, it’s important to find educational toys that stimulate and engage them while also helping them to grow and develop. This collection of unique toys for 1 Year Olds offers brain-boosting games, puzzles, books and more to help sharpen their skills while enjoying a truly fun experience as they play. If you want the top toys for baby boys and girls, we’ve got you covered. Find great 1st birthday gifts, holidays and more when you shop Fat Brain Toys.

Best Toys for 1 Year Olds

At Fat Brain Toys, we've made it our mission to put together specific age recommendations for each and every one of our products. We use real customer feedback to figure out which toys are best suited to kids at this specific age. One year olds can actually be one of the most difficult ages to shop for since it's a time in a child's life where they are rapidly developing. The toys in this collection are perfect for boys and girls who are going from a baby to a toddler and learning new things every day in the process. When you pick from this collection, you're sure to find a toy that will excite and enrich them at the same time.

Quality Toys for Kids

The unique toys for 1 Year Olds that you'll find on our site aren't like the mass-produced products you'll find in many other stores. Instead, we focus solely on high-quality toys that are well-crafted and carefully designed with your child's education and enjoyment in mind. These kids will spark their creativity and curiosity with fun challenges, bright colors and fun features. Shop at Fat Brain Toys today to discover something your little one is sure to love.