Best Toys for 1 Year Old Girls in 2022

When your baby is a year old, they’re learning at a rapid rate day in and day out. To keep her development on track, be sure to give your little one something from this collection of the best toys for a 1 year old girl from Fat Brain Toys. Our collection of educational games, books and more includes tons of fun toys your child will fall in love with. These are well-designed toys that are created with your baby’s development in mind. If you want to keep her mind stimulated while also putting a big smile on her face, choose a unique baby girl gift from this exclusive Fat Brain Toys collection.

Spark Her Imagination

Today, most mainstream toys are filled with flashing lights and beeping sounds. While they might keep kids distracted or entertained, they don't offer an enriching experience. To help your child develop their skills, choose from our brain-boosting learning toys for 1 year old girls at Fat Brain Toys. These are the top picks for helping children use their imagination, explore new things and embrace their natural curiosity. You'll help to inspire a lifelong love of learning when you choose from this selection of high-quality gifts for little girls.

Gifts for Baby Girls

You'll always think of her as your baby, but as she reaches the end of her first year, your child will need new challenges and stimulation. These 1 year old girl gifts have proven to be perfect for little ones her age based on detailed feedback from our customers. We've found the very best toys for this specific age to help you figure out what your child will be most interested in. If you've been searching for the best baby gifts, we've got you covered at Fat Brain Toys.