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We're not usually the bragging type, so we let our customers do the talking. The following sampling of testimonials should give you some sense of the frequency and quantity of positive feedback we receive from our customers.

Recent Testimonials from Our Wonderful Customers

Every single purchase from Fatbrain Toys has exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended!!

Paige DareCross
Des Moines, IA • December 13, 2021

I can always count on purchases from Fat Brain Toys to bring out the genius in our little grandchildren!

Pam S. Brownfield
• December 7, 2021

Thanks for being a company that really cares about kids needs in the toy department! Love your items, Really promote a sense of curiosity and wonder in children,so nice to see toys kids can interact with!

Marianne Hofmann
Los Alamos, CA • December 6, 2021

As an early childhood educator for over 20 years, and a mother to two young children, I highly recommend Fat Brain Toys. Everything is play with a purpose, high-quality, and developmentally appropriate. I've purchased a few of my daughter Christmas gifts from here and plan to order more for her upcoming birthday.

Kim R
• December 2, 2021

Our family was introduced to Fat Brain Toys after googling, educational toys. I 've ordered several items in the past month and have loved them all..They promote interaction, curiousity and focasing. Ive recommended them to several people, theyve ordered the games and puzzles and love them ! We love that they are sent from the US and arrive in just a few days. Our favorite are the " NAME " puzzles, they are exceptional and made with high quality wood

Michael Hernandez
Fayetteville, WV • December 1, 2021

We have purchased a bunch of Fat Brain Toys and all of them have been well constructed and long lasting. A great company!

Cathy Silverberg
Bronx, NY • December 1, 2021

I really like Fat Brain Toys and their mission to promote science and curiosity in a fun way. The toys are all very interesting and my kids enjoyed going through the catalog of options.

Houston, TX • November 30, 2021

I shop here often because I want quality toys for my grand kids. These are toys they use and don't set aside. They have a longevity. I also like the brain challenge of your products.

Catherine Lecy
ROSEVILLE, MN • November 30, 2021

My first go-to website for toys for children is Fat Brain Toys. I usually don't bother to check any other sites. That's how much confidence I have in these toys. One feature that I rely on is the age-grouping for toys. I just look for the appropriate age category, and select a toy from those choices. This is INVALUABLE to me. No more guessing if the toy is above their ability levels, I know Fat Brain toys has already done their homework with actual children and have categorized toys on the basis of those results. I can't brag on Fat Brain Toys enough!

Allan Sterbinsky
Stanton, TN • November 29, 2021

Fat Brain is hands down our favorite toy store. I know I can rely on Fat Brain to have quality toys with maximum enjoyment (and learning). Fat Brain is everything you would want from a toy store - and so much more!!

Jill Peters
Saint Louis, MO • November 27, 2021

We are educators at the university level and believe Fat Brain toys foster the kind of flexible and creative thinking that will be needed in our niece as she ages.

Maryjo Flamm-Miller
Chillicothe, OH • November 24, 2021

I'm a HUGE fan of Fat Brain Toys. It's my go-to spot to find fun and educational gifts that spark creativity and imagination. I recommend it to all friends and family and have gotten several people to purchase many of their gifts from Fat Brain.

Omaha, NE • November 24, 2021

Everything I have bought there is awesome. I have always depended on the reviews to make my decisions for for grandkids and have never been steered wrong. You offer something for all ages and in All price ranges. Thank you for sending me a catalog years ago. I always share it at work with everyone.

Karen Long
Florence, AZ • November 23, 2021

Such imaginative toys that you can't believe they didn't exist before! I recommend that grandparents just shop at Fat Brain in my child's age category, and I know anything they find will be excellent.

AA Bowen
Dayton, OH • November 23, 2021

Fat Brain Toy is my go-to when I want to purchase toys for my grandsons. I have been pleased with every item I have bought for them. I also love the email I receive in the weeks prior to one of their birthdays with toy recommendations that are age appropriate, along with the free gift wrap.

Peggy Nardini
Madrid, IA • November 23, 2021

This is a great company. When I was the director of a school district gifted center, we enjoyed ordering high quality items from Fat Brain Toys. Now as a retiree and a grandparent, I value the ability to search by age level among the toys that require interaction and creativity of their owners.

Susan Barnes
Tallahassee, FL • November 22, 2021

This is the first toy I have purchased from this company, but from the moment I saw it my mind shouted "PERFECT! So simple and but so genius!" I do not often have occasion to purchase children's toys, but if I do in the future, this is where I will come. THANK YOU MOST SINCERELY, Fat Brain Toys, for bringing back quality in conception, materials, and workmanship. I have missed it for so long!

Connie Gombert
Simi Valley, CA • November 20, 2021

I think I purchased all of my Christmas presents this year from Fat Brain Toys. I was getting so tired of the offerings in the big box stores. It was time to spend money on some high quality toys and am I glad I did. My three grandchildren (ages 9 months, 4 and 7) loved everything and played with these the most. They are unique and the quality is fantastic.

Mary Stelzer
Manitowoc, WI • November 20, 2021

I have to say you have made shopping for toys a lot less stressful for me. I found a great gift for my niece here, and I'm hoping another for a friend. Your website is much appealing than Amazon's, and I appreciate the less is more approach you seem to take.

Wesley Applequist
Minneapolis, MN • November 19, 2021

I have been buying toys at Fat Brain since my first grandchild was born more than ten years ago. I now have five grandchildren and order almost exclusively from Fat Brain for birthdays and holidays or other special occasions. The children are always pleased with their gifts which provide hours of fun. I like Fat Brain because of the unique selection of age appropriate toys that are challenging and stimulate creativity. The quality has never disappointed.

Rosemarie Kazma
Sterling Heights, MI • November 19, 2021

Fat brain toys has been my first stop for Christmas shopping for my nieces, nephews and children since I discovered it nearly 5 years ago. It is so important to develop a child's skills and interest through their play and fat brain toys does a great job of making it easy to find a toy that fits your child's needs based on their interests, age, etc. Fat brain toys is also super helpful with sourcing toys for children with special needs such as autism. It is really a one stop shop for toys with purposeful play in mind.

David Behnke
Highland, NY • November 18, 2021

I love this company and their values so much. The thought they use into their products are amazing. As a mom of three each one completely different and one having special needs (which you guys cover, and that is hard to find in other toy companies) makes fat brain toys unlike the rest. They care for all families.

Omaha, NE • November 18, 2021

I'm glad I found this store/website. THESE are the kind of "toys" my granddaughter will love! Not just mindless play, but critical thinking and discovery. Perfect!

Irene Howell
• November 18, 2021

Fat brain toys helps with selecting gifts by the great many ways you can filter by age, gender or best sellers. The kids love receiving the magazine in the mail as well

Kelly Rainville
Boxford, MA • November 17, 2021

Love, love, love fat brain toys! No batteries required and children are drawn to interact with and learn while they play!

Dawn Stonehocker
Earlham, IA • November 17, 2021

I placed an order for 2 items... They were delivered as scheduled... The website is very user friendly.. And I also received a holiday catalog with toys I hadn't seen advertised on the website! It was awesome and I even found 2 items I'll be purchasing very soon for me and my husband!!!! I am so grateful I stumbled upon this website .. I will always look at Fat Brain Toys 1st for my sons forever changing stages!!!

Rachel Vernon
Bismarck, ND • November 17, 2021

Fat Brain Toys is a store that I enjoy to shop with great toys that spark creativity with quality products. Wonderful customer service that is helpful and pleasant with great suggestions. They process your order immediately and get it on the way to you by quality shippers.

Terril, IA • November 16, 2021

Fat Brain toys is a must stop for toys that are unusual, high play value, with helpful age recommendations and real reviews. Their customer service is first rate. You will find unique high quality toys not in big box stores.

Happy Grandma
Woodbury, MN • November 16, 2021

We just recently found Fat Brain Toys and already love it! They carry brands we trust and many others we can't wait to check out! There are so many creative toys in the store. We are looking forward to continue finding quality, educational, and fun toys throughout our kiddos childhood!

Omaha, NE • November 15, 2021

I have been ordering from Fat Brain since I lived in Omaha, ordered for my children and now my grandchildren, love the idea that when you purchase their well constructed, toys they will not receive a duplicate as Fat Brain Toys are unique, in every way, they are a 10 star rating to me!

Vee Reed
Huron, OH • November 15, 2021

Fat Brain is my go to when shopping for the family. Easy website, great gift ideas and you can't beat the shipping charge. Gifts are always appreciated and loved by the family members who receive them. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Vincenza Cintolo
Wantagh, NY • November 14, 2021

I love everything fat brain so I guess I am biased but everything that we have my son loves and they seem pretty indestructible. The colors are awesome as well as the textures

Trisha Barron
Romulus, MI • November 13, 2021

The best high quality toys around. I find that over all your moneys worth, and then some. My grandboys love the toys and I love giving them. You will be pleased to give as a gift.

Billie Moreno
• November 12, 2021

we use this site all the time for our 9 grandchildren and nieces and the email reminders and recommendations for each age group !! fast on time delivery is priced well !!

ronald WALTON
Matlacha, FL • November 11, 2021

Fat Brain Toys is a wonderful company. They have so many unique, creative toys for children of all ages. The representatives are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. It is a pleasure to buy from Fat Brain Toys. I have already purchased many of my Christmas gifts from them for my grandkids, nieces and nephews.

Virginia Altomare
NEW FAIRFIELD, CT • November 11, 2021

You guys are fantastic. My whole family thinks the toys from Fat Brain Toys are the best at any party or any gift-giving event. Got my brother hooked on Fat Brain Toys, also - he buys your toys for all his grandchildren now. Your customer service is wonderful, too.

Stephanie Wilson
Hickory, NC • November 11, 2021

This was part of my first purchase with Fat Brain Toys. I had to speak with customer service because one of the toys was back ordered and the representative couldn't have been more helpful. Phenomenal customer service, helpful, polite and willing to answer any and all questions.

Patricia Martinez
San Antonio, TX • November 10, 2021

I have purchased many Fat Brain Toys since becoming a grandmother eleven years ago. The toys have been a big hit with the grandchildren. I trust Fat Brain Toys for reliable products.

Teresa Pappas
Plainfield, IN • November 10, 2021

I have ordered from Fat Brain Toys many times and believe they are a great product. They make perfect learning gifts for young children and older. They also last and can be passed on from child to child. Thank you.

Susan E. Conklin
• November 10, 2021

I love how Fat Brain Toys incite creativity, spurs the imagination, and teaches problem solving! That's why I love buying Fat Brain Toys as gifts for all the kiddos I love!

Cindy Alesandrini
Pekin, IL • November 9, 2021

Fat Brain Toys always has unique quality toys that kids love to interact with. They enjoy the catalog that arrives so they can pick out all the toys they are interested in.

Minot, ND • November 9, 2021

I have recommended Fat Brain Toys to many people who buy children's gifts. The quality is great, and so is the variety. I especially like the option to buy an orange gift bag, so I can send my gifts directly to grandchildren for their birthday or Christmas gift. A great postage and time saver!

Judith Carlsen
Sun City, AZ • November 9, 2021

Fat Brain Toys is the best Company EVER!!! Their toys are extremely thought out and well represented accurately. I would recommend this site to anyone with young kids, preschoolers, and toddlers!!

Abby Jackson
Killen, AL • November 8, 2021

This is a good company with several options of items made in the USA. The toys are of fine quality and encourage imagination and self-drive play. The ordering process is very easy and the live customer service is excellent.

Judith Watts
Las Vegas, NV • November 8, 2021

Customer service provided exceptional assistance, it's rare these days when sourcing issues make everything so difficult, really appreciate the awesome staff and company!!

Carol Jahn
Port Orchard, WA • November 7, 2021

Fat Brain Toys is the BEST and always my "go-to" website for purchasing toys and games for children!

Anne Besterman
Lititz, PA • November 6, 2021

My order arrived promptly (in fact, one item arrived earlier than expected) and in good condition. I'm very satisfied with my experience, and will definitely order from Fat Brain Toys again.

Mary T
Sequim, WA • November 5, 2021

I have ordered from Fat Brain Toys for a decade or more. Selection, quality, price, and delivery have always met expectations. Thank you.

A Pratt
Goodrich, MI • November 5, 2021

I've bought several toys from Fat Brain over the past few years. I like that they stimulate the kids' imagination and creative play. It's the first place I go online to look at what's new when gift time comes up.

Maxine Idakus
Mount Joy, PA • November 5, 2021

Our daughter-in-law introduced us to the Fat Brain Toys catalog but mentioned that there is a Fat Brain store in Omaha, where we go to visit our son and his family frequently. So on our most recent visit, I did pop into your store and absolutely loved it. Going forward, I will be making a visit every time we are in town.

Janice Mullaney
Appleton, WI • November 4, 2021

I love this website and the toys that are recommended for age groups. I've purchased multiple times from it and every toy has been a hit.

Marla Eckman
Waterbury, VT • November 3, 2021

I love the company and have been impressed with the knowledge of employees I have interacted with. The toys are well made and I appreciate the age and special needs recommendations.

Kathy Baker
• November 3, 2021

I'm a retired teacher of future early childhood teachers. I want unique, educational, fun toys for my grandchildren. This site is the best! Their prices are reasonable, their website is easy to navigate and breaks items down by age, and their shipping is quick.

Grand Rapids, MI • November 2, 2021

Fantastic company with principles that align with my own. Appreciated seeing all the data about each toy and age appropriateness, as well as the development opportunities for play and learning.

Samantha L.
Sacramento, CA • October 29, 2021

I love Fat brain toys. I like that the toys are age appropriate & meets a quality standard & it is not outrageously priced where families on a budget can afford to purchase.

Linda Murrell
Florissant, MO • October 28, 2021

Fat Brain toys is my favorite website to purchase gifts for my children. Customer service is outstanding and the shipping is quick. Everything we've ordered has been excellent quality and extremely engaging.

Lisa Knight
Saint Augustine, FL • October 27, 2021

Fat Brain Toys always delivers on time. This helps when the order is for a special day (like birthday or Christmas). I like the low shipping cost and the option to have the orange bag as a wrapping for the item. I like the variety you have and the listing by category to help find just what I am looking for. I have recommended Fat Brain Toys to friends and relatives many times. Thank you for your great products!

Judith Carlsen
Sun City, AZ • October 27, 2021

Fat Brain Toys has never disappointed us. We love being able to gift high quality, age appropriate toys to our nieces and nephews. Fat Brain is our go-to vendor.

Terri L Brooks
Finleyville, PA • October 27, 2021

As a grandma and teacher of young students with autism, I LOVE the variety of learning resources! Each "toy" provides the opportunity for children to engage in learning activities, without the child actually realizing how much learning they are doing!

Debbie Singer
Parkland, FL • October 27, 2021

I have a 9 year old and a 1 1/2 year old and we are obsessed with all things FAT BRAIN!! They're learning toys are so instrumental in my toddlers motor skills, and so fun that my 9 year old will play with them with him. Anytime we're in a local toy store at home or while on vacation we make sure the owners know how much we love the Fat Brain toys as well! The BEST products!

Amanda Heffley
Fort Worth, TX • October 27, 2021

I've been loving Fat Brain Toys! Everything I've bought here as been a fan favorite for our one year one! So glad I discovered you guys!

Stephanie Thomas
Logan, UT • October 26, 2021

Fat Brain Toys is a wonderful company. It is the first place I look when I need to buy toys for a special occasion or a "just because" gift. Every toy I have bought from Fat Brain Toys is quality made, unique, and creative. Fat Brain has toys and ideas for kids of all ages. The reps that I have dealt with on the phone are always friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. I recommend this company to all the new parents and grandparents that I know.

Virginia Altomare
NEW FAIRFIELD, CT • October 26, 2021

The best part of this purchase was receiving a phone call from FBT to confirm my order. I had selected a different spelling and FBT wanted to make sure what was in my cart was exactly what I wanted...UNREAL!!! Customer service like this is hard to find in this day in age. She then double checked my shipping and helped my package arrive extremely FAST! Another perk that is hard to get right now. We received the new catalog and my kids have circled so many things they want for Christmas. I am thrilled to now be a loyal customer with FBT!

Ashley Cooper
Lipan, TX • October 26, 2021

I loved our first shopping experience at Fat Brain Toys. We will definitely be back for more Christmas gifts. It's a refreshing change to online ordering. I found toys that I didn't see online or in major stores like Target.

Omaha, NE • October 26, 2021

Thank you for the fast delivery and the tracking service. Very satisfied with your company and we have already recommended it to others. We will be using your site again.

eric parsons
Orwell, NY • October 25, 2021

Enjoy this company so much. I went to a birthday party and was introduced to the toys at it by a neighbor. I am a frequent buyer now that I have grandsons~~~ The quality and motivation behind each very well thought out toy is uncomparable to so many other toys out there.

Cathy Bryson
Gower, MO • October 25, 2021

I recommend Fat Brain Toys to everyone. The toys are great and the customer service is second to none. Couldn't ask for a better experience when ordering online. Very fast service. Love this company !

Connie Mitchell
Madison, AL • October 24, 2021

It's one of my favorite places to shop. There are so many unique toys I've never seen before and everything they sell seems to be high quality. I can always find something that my grandchildren will adore. Truth be told, even as a grandma, I can't the store without something for myself (though I might have to share it with a grandchild). The prices are surprisingly competitive and gift wrapping is a definite plus.

Amy Wojkiewicz
Omaha, NE • October 22, 2021

I always have success buying liked and appropriate gifts from Fat Brain Toys for the children in my family. Love the fact that for each item an age appropriateness chart is given, forthcoming reviews by customers are listed, and a detailed description is provided. It is easy to purchase online on the website. Customer service---a real live person!---is friendly, helpful, and informative.

Susan Shilane
Aventura, FL • October 22, 2021

Highly impressed with this company! They shipped quick and were able to send parts of the order when requested. They have WONDERFUL customer service! Highly recommend!

Rebekah Butenhoff
Edmond, OK • October 20, 2021

I love the variety of toys that Fat Brain Toys offers and how the company's website allows you to filter toys by age. This tool has been helpful in buying gifts for kids of all ages. The quality of the products I have received has been great, and I love the alternatives to screen time!

Maggie Margrey
Sackets Harbor, NY • October 20, 2021

Every purchase from Fat Brain Toys is just the best experience. I can't believe I didn't find them sooner. They have THE best toys. I always know we are getting a high quality toy every time. No cheap junk like the big retailers. The website is easy to navigate, shipping is fast, and customer service is fantastic. We love their gift wrapping; it makes birthdays so easy. Love you guys!

Providence Village, TX • October 19, 2021

We have ordered Fat Brain toys for years. These are toys you won't see anywhere else. I know they are good quality and will last a long time. I taught preschool for 22 years and your toys have never failed me. So glad I found out about your company years ago!

Deb Maurer
Lexington, KY • October 16, 2021

I always find birthday gifts and Christmas gifts here because I know they will be a hit and good quality. You have a selection unlike any other place in Omaha.

Andrea Chatelain
Omaha, NE • October 15, 2021

Customer Service is great! I made a mistake when ordering online and they helped me consolidate my two orders and were still able to ship it out right away as I needed it asap. Very helpful, nice shipping packaging and good shipping rate

Melissa Jarman
High Point, NC • October 13, 2021

Very satisfied with my Fat Brain Toys experience. Their Customer Service Staff were courteous and professional when I called with a question before ordering. Online ordering was a snap and delivery was on time as promised. Thank you Fat Brain Toys!

Grandma of two
Northville, MI • October 9, 2021

This is the second time I have ordered from Fat Brain Toys to ship gifts to another state. Customer service is excellent and the gifts have arrived in a timely way. Both gifts have been age appropriate and have excellent educational value. I could not be more pleased.

Talladega, AL • October 8, 2021

My experience with One in a Chameleon alone, makes me want to work with Fat Brain Toys more and more! The company really strives to foster play experiences that really benefit children, which ultimately benefits society! It is a great service that Fat Brain provides - by making creative, high quality toys, games, and brainteasers!

Emily Zugay
Delavan, WI • October 8, 2021

I am new to Fat Brain Toys but this was a great buy and the products they offer are very interactive and I would definitely recommend and come back to buy again from Fat Brain Toys in the future.

Kaitlyn Fifer
Bolingbrook, IL • October 8, 2021

I have made many purchases as gifts. Every gift has been different and the parents and children have been thrilled. No one has ever had anything like what I purchased. The gifts are unique, and don't make a ton of noise that is bothersome to others. When my grown children were young I tried to always find educational fun activities for them. Your company is exactly what I love to buy!

Mary Lee Borislow
Saint Petersburg, FL • October 8, 2021

Loved your website. There were many intriguing toys to choose from. I was also extremely satisfied with the order and delivery communications and the fast turn around time for my order.

Nancy S
Washingtonville, NY • October 6, 2021

I love Fat Brain Toys, ever since We discovered them we can't get enough of the toys! The quality is amazing and they are so engaging for my baby. We recommend them 100%

Berenice Moreno
Finglas, DUBLIN • October 5, 2021

My first time of being on the Fat Brain Toy website and ordering a toy for our great-granddaughter. What a joy to find toys that are so beneficial to a child and well made. Thank you Fat Brain Toys.

Barbara Smith
Cottonwood, AZ • October 3, 2021

Great company. You have everything I could ever want for my family's little ones, and they love your toys. Customer service is the best I've ever seen anywhere. Fat Brain Toys goes above and beyond what's expected to provide fantastic service to customers and great toys for their family's children. I recommend Fat Brain Toys to everyone who asks where I get such fantastic toys for the kids. Without fail, the kids AND their parents are delighted with the toys I buy from this company.

Hickory, NC • October 3, 2021

Love, Love Love Fat Brain are always my go to place to get a birthday present for our Grandchildren and Great nieces and nephews!! Highly recommend!!

Beth O'Shea
Oak Harbor, OH • October 2, 2021

This was my first order and I was very pleased with the ease of ordering on their website. My order was shipped quickly and packed very well. I will definitely order again.

Charlotte Simer
Richmond, TX • September 30, 2021

I have been purchasing toys from Fat Brain Toys for years. I love gifting different, educational and quality items to my children, family members and friends. The organization of the website makes it easy to shop and select age appropriate items; the products arrive in a timely matter and in great condition.

Amy Flaim
Wilkes Barre, PA • September 29, 2021

I buy Fat Brain exclusively for my grandkids and they always can't wait until their presents arrive. Their nanny says she can always identify my presents as they teach so many good principles to the little ones. Thank you Fat Brain.

Joann Dobrovic
Eltham, • September 28, 2021

I am so glad I found Fat Brain Toys! I will be buying from here frequently! I love the unique toys that are available and that they all foster brain stimulation and fun.

Shannon C Sykes
• September 28, 2021

I looked at a lot of Fat Brain Toys on the internet. They are fantastic and well made. A great variety of toys and other items for all ages to help them develop as they grow. Also they are all vey reasonable in prices for people on budgets. You can't beat that!

Stephenie Stauf
Strasburg, VA • September 26, 2021

We love Fat Brain Toys- long time customers here. I know I count on them for amazing customer service and the best toys. As a parent of a special needs child, I love their recommendations and reviews.

Carla Meier
Fort Worth, TX • September 25, 2021

Whenever I go into the store in Omaha I get great help and encouragement. I enjoy how products are arranged and all the colors are wonderful. They also show me how each toy or game works as well as how it helps children grow.

Omaha, NE • September 25, 2021

Fat Brain Toys is fantastic. I can trust this company to provide good-quality, educational toys that don't feel like 'education' to a small child - the toys feel like 'fun' and 'playtime.' Customer service is wonderful; I wish other companies had such great service!

S Wilson
Hickory, NC • September 24, 2021

We love these toys. I am an occupational therapy provider and a mom, and I really love the way these toys are designed from both perspectives. I would recommend Fat Brains to anyone.

Kayla Kearsley
• September 23, 2021

I am very happy to have found this company! I have 3 grandchildren under 6 and 3 older ones. I have always like toys that have longetivity, and so far the ones I have bought from this company have fit the bill! Thank you, Fat Brain!

Mary Buerk
• September 23, 2021

Fat brain toys are a great toy for kids from baby to high school age. I have spent most of my time choosing Fat brain toys for my family for Christmas. They employ thinking and problem solving as much as fun.

Julia Kraft
Denver, CO • September 21, 2021

This is a wonderful company. They always offer new and unique toys for all ages. The service reps are very friendly, efficient, and they offer wonderful suggestions for gift giving. It is such a pleasure to deal with a company who is truly interested in and dedicated to serving the creative needs of children. Thank you!

Virginia Altomare
NEW FAIRFIELD, CT • September 21, 2021

I have ordered many toys over the past 8 years and found them to always be entertaining, interesting and educational for my three grandchildren. The order is always shipped right away, so it can be delivered on time. I appreciate that because I want the gift to get to its destination in time for the occasion (birthday or Christmas).

Judith Carlsen
Sun City, AZ • September 20, 2021

I have bought toys for my 6 grandchildren from birth to 12 yrs now from Fat Brain. Birthday and Christmas gifts, I turn to Fat Brain first. I don't like all the popular show toys. We like toys that help them learn as they play...or better yet they don't realize they are learning while playing!!

Tina Darling
Schoolcraft, MI • September 16, 2021

As a retired teacher of 40 years in the Inner City, I taught 1st grade and Developmental Preschool. In both areas, I taught quite a diversified area of needed skils, and Fat Brain was my go-to after I discovered them. I liked the Montessori similarities and corresponding toys. Because of this, I have chosen Fat Brain toys for gifts to relatives' and friends' children. I also passed on my discoveries to my sister for her one year old granddaughter!

Cindy Muckridge
Carmel, IN • September 14, 2021