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Suction Kupz

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Suction Kupz

Product Description

Stack, roll, stick, and sip!

Each of these six colorful, squishy cups features a suction cup on the bottom, a suctioning brim at the top, plus endless creative-play possibilities all around.

Bring them in the tub for scooping, pouring, and floating. Stick them to windows, walls, tables, and floors for whatever creative endeavors your child's imagination can conjure.

Or - just use them to drink your juice.

Made entirely of 100% silicone that's food safe and dishwasher safe - Suction Kupz brings versatile, open-ended play that lasts!

Suction Kupz
  • Set of 6 colorful silicone cups that feature suction cups on the bottom
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity, exploration, experimentation
  • Simple yet versatile open-ended play that lasts!
  • Feature suction cup on the bottom, suctioning brim on the top
  • Play in the tub, playroom, or at the table
  • Stick them to walls, windows, countertops
  • Made of 100% food-grade silicone - Kids can drink their juice from them!
  • BPA-Free, fully safety tested
  • Dishwasher safe!
  • Kupz each measure 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 5/16/2018
    Manufactured In Country of Origin China
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 1 years
    Fat Brain Toys Monthly Sales Ranking #45

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    Total Customer Reviews: 156

    Overall Rating: (4.80)

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 10/08/2021 by

    My 10 month old enjoyed these at first and likes batting at them on the fridge or around the kitchen but seemed to lose interest pretty quickly. Not sure if there just isn't enough motion or noise for her but I was hopeful they'd keep her interest a little longer than they did.

    Suction Kupz Review

    Posted 07/23/2021 by
    Linda Aaron

    We LOVE the Suction Kupz! We got them for our granddaughter but everyone loves playing with them. We definitely recommend them.

    My review of the Suction Kupz

    Posted 06/23/2021 by
    Katherine Flores

    I purchased the Suction Kupz for my friend's son. He is a curious 18-month old who loves to get into the kitchen cabinet a play with the Tupperware, so this seemed like an ideal gift for him. He has really enjoyed the cups! He loves the pop sound they make when he pulls them off the tile. All in all I am happy with the purchase. And I know my friend is happy to have her Tupperware drawer back in order.

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 04/05/2021 by
    Leah Giles

    Great product, worked as advertised, nice material, my kids were just not interested.

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 03/31/2021 by

    My kids love these in the bath tub, they play tea party and suction them to the side of the tub. They also have been bleached over and over with no fading or issues which is important to me :)

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 03/31/2021 by

    Our 7 month old LOVES his suction kupz! We have also played with them with a 1.5 year old who thought they were hilarious! As parents, we love their safe material and their open ended uses in play.

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 03/16/2021 by

    A big hit with my 1-year-old. Loves putting things in and out of the kupz and perfect for keeping her entertained.

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 03/15/2021 by
    leanne s

    This is a great toy to take along to a place that has something to stick suction cups too. Its small enough to fit in the diaper bag, backpack, or child's toy bag. The colors are bright and stacking cups, putting object in them, counting, can be entertaining for little minds.

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 03/10/2021 by
    John Chappell

    The colors. texture, durability, size and shape are all combined to make this a wonderful toy for our teething 9 month old.

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 02/03/2021 by
    Kylie Bass

    My 11month old loves them! She plays with them in the bath, in her high chair, wherever!

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 01/14/2021 by
    margaux fantasia

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 01/08/2021 by
    Babette Leonard

    One year old granddaughter is improving small motor coordination by stacking the cups and also likes to adhere them to dishwasher door or on glass coffee table. She is completely engaged when she starts to play with the Suction Kupz. Good quiet activity and a nice break from the noisy interactive toys she got from others. A winner.

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 01/05/2021 by
    Jennifer Koller

    My daughter loves to stack and build with these and stick them onto stuff

    So Much Fun!

    Posted 12/26/2020 by

    Bought these for a 1 and 2 year old for Christmas. They have had so much fun playing with them in water, on countertops and windows! Oh and fun for adults too! They stick nicely to foreheads!� Definitely a 5 STAR TOY!

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 12/15/2020 by
    Amanda McDonagh

    My two year old son likes playing with these especially in the bath. We are planning a road trip soon and I'm curious if he will be as interested in the car.

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 12/10/2020 by
    Ali M

    My child (1 year) loves these. They are great for bath time--he loves that they stick to the shower and tub walls. So far, he has played with them extensively without getting bored. They have also been played with outside of bath time. He loves seeing how they stick together, stick to other things, etc. I definitely recommend these!

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 12/07/2020 by
    Anna Heinrichs

    All my nibblings have Kupz now, and they all love them - the two-yr-old, three-yr-old, and five-yr-old all find ways to play and be creative. The five-yr-old has discovered that Kupz and Squigz will connect together, too.

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 12/06/2020 by
    Patricia Case

    My grandson loves the kups and plays with them alot. He thinks it's funny when the kups pop and that he can play with them in the tub..

    My Review of Suction Kupz

    Posted 11/04/2020 by
    Mallory Smith

    Great size. Loves to chew on them as well and suction cups works well in a variety of material.

    Great product

    Posted 11/01/2020 by
    Danielle Kunz

    Great quality my niece love these!

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