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Shape Factory

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Shape Factory

Product Description

Shape-sorting with a twist!

There are ten unique shapes and four slots. Can you figure out how to fit ALL the shapes through the slots?

Here's how it works: With a push of the button, the top twists and the slots all change. Kids have to explore and experiment to solve the puzzle and match all the shapes!

Then, open the door to release the blocks and start the fun all over again.

Classic shape-matching fun gets a boost of brain-strengthening excitement with the Shape Factory!

Shape Factory
  • Unique shape-sorting puzzle
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, problem-solving, experimentation
  • Push the button to twist the top and change the shapes of the slots
  • Kids must explore and experiment to fit all 10 shapes into the Shape Factory
  • Open the door to release the shapes and start the fun again
  • Chunky shapes are easy for smaller hands to grasp
  • Includes Shape Factory, 10 unique shape blocks
  • Shape blocks each measure approximately 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 2/28/2020
    Manufactured In Country of Origin China
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 2 years
    Fat Brain Toys Monthly Sales Ranking #69
    Dimension 7.25 x 7.25 x 7.9 inches

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    Overall Rating: (4.83)

    My Review of Shape Factory

    Posted 12/07/2021 by
    Pat Bickel

    I found the shape factory to be extremely simple but then again I'm 53 years old, My 1 year old grandson has not played with it yet because it is a Christmas gift but I'm 100% sure hes gonna love it !

    My Review of Shape Factory

    Posted 12/28/2020 by

    Love all the bright colors. I like that the child can change the shapes by pushing down.

    Perfect gift for 2-4 years old!

    Posted 12/25/2020 by
    Lorraine Cotter

    I purchased this as a Christmas present for my 2 1/2 year old niece. She is prone to swallowing things but loves to play with small toys. This toy makes her think about where to put each shape and she played with it for an hour after opening it on Christmas morning! The pieces are just the right size that she can't try to eat them, but also have texture to them so they are interesting to look at and feel and hold. I 100% recommend this toy. I was worried it would be too young for her, but it is spot on for 2-4 years old. I will buy this again for my children when they are old enough!

    My Review of Shape Factory

    Posted 12/22/2020 by
    Marcia McGee

    My nephew is fascinated with the shapes and finding the matching hole.

    My Review of Shape Factory

    Posted 12/21/2020 by
    Paul Maciaszek

    Very creative toy for two year old.

    My Review of Shape Factory

    Posted 12/01/2020 by
    Grace Visker

    Well crafted and well designed. I believe that this is a bit challenging for a (just turned) two year old.

    My Review of Shape Factory

    Posted 11/14/2020 by
    Jamaree Morris

    The shape factory is a great gift and is lots of fun for little ones to play with. My grandson loves his new toy. He is learning his shapes and colors with his new toy. And likes to carry it around with him. An awesome toy for little ones both boys and girls.

    My Review of Shape Factory

    Posted 11/11/2020 by
    Christopher Danielson

    I do a lot of work with math and families. Most shapes toys and books designed for young children have mathematically uninteresting content. Triangle, square, circle; that's about it. The Shape Factory is such a welcome relief in this respect! The variety of shapes is delightful. The ways it is designed to play tap into children's natural curiosity and ideas about how shapes are put together. AND! As a bonus, there is a ton of really deep math right under the surface. Why is it that 10 shapes are the right number to fit through all of the combinations of 4 half-shapes? What if there were a fifth half-shape? How many shapes would you need? How many times do you have to spin the top in order to get all of the shapes through their assigned holes? Is there some other way to arrange the holes that would result in more or fewer necessary spins? Are the holes on top and bottom arranged in the same way? How do you know? How many ways are there to arrange them? SO MUCH awesome math that can

    Posted 10/15/2020 by

    Fun toy with the durability to last. The combinations of top and bottom allow for multiple times a shape can be inserted. Allows child to try different orientations and be successful more than once.

    My Review of Shape Factory

    Posted 05/28/2020 by
    Simona. Eliakamal

    A little too difficult

    My Review of Shape Factory

    Posted 05/15/2020 by
    Jeff U Keller

    The fact that she (2 years old) can "change" how it works keeps her interested. Even her 7 year old autistic sister enjoys playing with it.

    My Review of Shape Factory

    Posted 03/18/2020 by
    Michele T Lamie

    My grandson loves this ...

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