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Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

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Beautiful design, beautiful play!

The high-quality, solid wood construction makes for a timeless look you'll be happy to have sitting out in your living room. Meanwhile, precision design makes for a practically perfect playtime experience.

Send the four vibrant wooden balls rolling down the tracks - Children can't help but smile as they roll and drop smoothly from track to track.

Then, send the four shapes rolling - The spinning colors fill the mind with fascination!

Featuring a storage track on the top and feet that fold sideways for sliding into tight places, the Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run is a charming delight your family is sure to enjoy for generations to come.

Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run
  • Classic wooden back-and-forth marble run
  • Encourages fine motor skills, cause-effect learning, tactile exploration
  • A timeless play experience beautifully designed
  • Feet fold sideways for easy storage
  • Features storage track across the top for storing balls and shapes
  • Includes marble run, 4 balls, 4 shapes
  • Stands 19.25 inches tall
  • Wooden balls each measure 1.75 inches in diameter
  • High-quality solid-wood materials and construction - Lasting durability

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 8/11/2020
    Manufactured In Country of Origin China
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 18 months
    Fat Brain Toys Monthly Sales Ranking #18
    Dimension 19.25 x 27.5 x 9.75 inches

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    Total Customer Reviews: 34

    Overall Rating: (4.76)

    My Review of Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

    Posted 01/13/2022 by
    Katie Sobolewski

    My 16 month son loves it! It's very strudy and definitely feels high quality. He hans't been able to figure out how to make the shapes roll down, but he loves trying to get all the wooden balls rolling at the same time. It has become an after daycare favorite.


    Posted 01/04/2022 by

    I gave this to my 15 month old granddaughter and she is captivated. While I haven't been with her since she received it, I've seen videos where she repeatedly starts the balls rolling and is engrossed watching them follow the track. When they reach the bottom, she seems very pleased and accomplished, and then she immediately starts the process again. It seems to be a real hit.

    Lots of fun for 21 month old

    Posted 12/25/2021 by

    My 21 month old got this for Christmas, and it has been keeping her super entertained. The run and the pieces all feel very sturdy. Highly recommend!

    My Review of Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

    Posted 11/17/2021 by

    This toy helps with toddler's fine motor skills and tracking ability no doubt. It's just not a toy that my toddler gravitates to unless I initiate play. Great quality material as well.

    My Review of Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

    Posted 11/17/2021 by
    Caitlin Bambi

    Great toy! Fun for lots of ages! All 5 of my children enjoy this toy.

    Great Value

    Posted 11/15/2021 by
    Crazy ginger momma

    I have had this run about a yr now. I looked all over online before purchasing. This is the absolute best price you can get one of these large runs for. Its almost perfect. As others have mentioned it kind of stinks that all the pieces dont fit along the top rail. If they added a second row to the top maybe it would be better. Also ours seems a hair off on the angle of the drop rails so l can't drop shaped pieces one right after another. My daughter will be 2 in January. This has already taken a heavy beating and looks brand new. Pieces are constantly chewed and thrown about the house. I also waited to screw the feet on the bottom in so the unit would sit flush against our wall. Because I did this its more prone to falling but we have had no breaks or issues. Its also withstands her occasionally standing on it when its tipped over. Overall I'm very happy. This has been entertaining my daughter since we bought it for her last year. I definitely recommend as its something that will grow with your child. In the beginning should would just watch and steal the balls. Now she can do it on her own. I attached photo of ours today. I have some balls on it that don't belong and couple shapes or balls MIA in the house but you can see how great its holding up.

    My Review of Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

    Posted 10/27/2021 by
    Katelyn Radwan

    This is a great toy for my sensory-seeking 2 year old son. He quickly learned how to use it, but we have noticed that the balls travel quicker than the shapes, so if they're sent down the track too quickly, they become jammed at the ends. Other than that, we love it.

    My Review of Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

    Posted 10/27/2021 by
    Krystel S

    This toy has been a hit for sure in the house!! The love watching the toys roll down the track and they try to see what goes down the quickest!

    My Review of Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

    Posted 10/26/2021 by
    kimberly wellman

    Great game to keep 2 year old busy and looks nice too.

    It brought much laughter from my grandson. He had a little difficulty at first about the shapes since the wood pegs on the end needed to be used to slide. He kept putting them horizontally.

    Posted 10/25/2021 by
    Jerry Rubin

    I only wished the top would accommodate all the pieces except just a few.

    My Review of Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

    Posted 10/22/2021 by
    Feliz Colon

    Large balls prevents a swallowing hazard. Wood is strong and sturdy.

    Amazing and fun

    Posted 10/20/2021 by

    This is an amazing product! My 1 year old loves it and it's also entertaining for my 4 year old. I love that there is no choking hazard! I highly recommend this product!! Well made and built to last.

    My Review of Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

    Posted 06/19/2021 by
    Catherine Kim

    My son absolutely loves watching and playing with the objects roll down the ramp. We like how it stays on the track and rolls down smoothly since we've had other ramp toys either fly off the track/get stuck! I think this would make a great gift and recommend to parents to get to their kids or great gift to any kid. I plan on buying more of the the toys on Fat Brain because their quality and customer service. Get it even if the toy is back ordered! I expected an extra week but but took an extra day! Love love love all the toys we received!

    My Review of Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

    Posted 05/18/2021 by
    Gail Hisamura

    Well made product. The kids love it.

    My Review of Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

    Posted 05/04/2021 by
    Sandra Krieger

    My 2-year-old great grandson couldn't put it down when he opened the gift! He was completely captured with rolling the balls down the ramp! Highly recommend!

    My Review of Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

    Posted 04/26/2021 by
    Sheila Hagan

    Loved it! Bought for my 1 yr old granddaughter. I was impressed with the quality construction. She seems to enjoy it!

    My Review of Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

    Posted 04/08/2021 by
    Burt Livingston

    Great fun for toddler through adult! My 28 month old granddaughter loves this marble-run. Large balls rather than standard marbles is safe for her and storing the balls on the horizontal top rail is ingenious. Older cousins want one also. The perfect 'marble-run'.

    My Review of Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

    Posted 03/25/2021 by
    Maria Hayashi

    I bought this for visual tracking for my 5 month old and as an activity for the 3 year old to entertain him. It's a fun toy for the whole family and a great way to explore physics for toddlers

    My Review of Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

    Posted 03/25/2021 by
    Stephanie Ballay

    It helps tremendously with his fine motor skills. He has even increased his patience level by waiting for the run to complete.

    Beautiful toy and so much fun!

    Posted 03/16/2021 by

    Beautiful toy and so much fun! It immediately held our 2 year old's attention and we love playing with it with her. I was a little worried about how sturdy it would be but the quality is great. We have it set up on her table or the hardwood and there's no concern of it tipping. The design of the wood and colorful spinners make it a tasteful toy to leave set up around the house.

    Age Appropriateness for Roll 'n Go Wooden Marble Run

    NOTE: The orange color in the chart above indicate ages that are LESS than the manufacturer suggested age. Please purchase at your discretion if your child is younger than 2 years of age.