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Grab, explore, sort, and discover!

Little hands are immediately drawn to the six vibrant, textured, rubbery, tethered shapes.

Explore their contours, give them a squeeze, and feel their textures - Made of 100% food-grade silicone, these shapes are wonderfully safe and durable!

Then - Ready to start sorting?

The cutout spaces of the cube each only match one of the rubbery tethered shapes.

Fit the square into the square, the circle into the circle, the oval into the oval, the triangle into the triangle - Little smiles light up bright with each shape that slides perfectly into place!

Fun to feel, beautiful to admire, and amazingly durable so you never lose a single shape, the OombeeCube truly is early tactile learning perfected.

  • Shape-sorting cube with 6 rubbery shapes tethered to its corners
  • Encourages fine motor skills, sensory learning, tactile exploration, visual-spatial skills
  • An innovative approach to classic shape-sorting fun
  • Shapes are rubbery, textured, squishy - , BPA-free
  • Shapes each slide smoothly and snugly into their respective slots
  • Shapes are tethered to each corner with extra thick, strong, and secure string - Never lose a single shape!
  • Strings are short enough to be exceptionally safe, long enough for little hands to grab and explore freely
  • Shapes include triangle, square, oval, circle, pentagon, double circle
  • High-quality design and materials, built for lasting durability and safety

    NOTE: For a full review of the OombeeCube from the Parents' Choice Awards Foundation, click HERE.

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 6/22/2016
    Manufactured In Country of Origin China
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 10 months
    Fat Brain Toys Monthly Sales Ranking #112
    Dimension 4.25 x 4.25 x 4.25 inches

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    Total Customer Reviews: 140

    Overall Rating: (4.74)

    My Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 01/13/2022 by
    Francisco J Luna

    I bought the Oombee Cube for my niece's first birthday. Her mom said she won't put it down and her mom also likes that she cannot lose the pieces and that it is safe for my niece to put her mouth on since it is made of silicone.

    My review. Toy was a hit for 10 month old baby.

    Posted 12/26/2021 by

    Best toy for 10 month old baby on Christmas Day.

    My Review of OombeeCube My little nephew figured out how to remove a shape and put it back in. This is sure to be a fun learning toy for him!

    Posted 12/25/2021 by
    Steven Feldman

    The toy is well constructed and thoughtfully designed so the pieces won't be lost. We appreciate the silicon material as well!

    My Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 12/17/2021 by
    Gracita Novak

    Wonderful toy for babies and toddlers. Easy to handle with their tiny fingers and the cube keeps them interested.

    Great for Travel

    Posted 11/10/2021 by
    Mackenzie Heyerhoff

    I bought this product because my son loves shape sorters. I saw this one came with the shapes attached so thought it would be good for travel. He does enjoy this product but does lose interest after he has put all the shapes in a few times. It does work in a pinch for traveling, going out to eat, or waiting for appointments. I am glad I bought it for my son. He is going to be two in February.

    My Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 09/27/2021 by
    Ana Maria Mendez Cowell

    It is made of a soft material, nice colors. Excelente gift for my grandaughter first birthday.

    My Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 08/12/2021 by
    Whitney Lawson

    Given to a one year old. He mostly chews on it. Still working on putting shapes in their place. I had to get a replacement because the original one I ordered was cracked.

    My Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 08/09/2021 by
    Jacki Pollnow

    Well made. Fun to play with. Safe. Good toy for in the car too.

    My Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 08/05/2021 by
    Douglas Pitts

    We got this toy for our grand-niece who just turned 1 year old. Our nephew has said that she really loves playing with it. She seems to like the feel of the toy but also likes the colors and the shapes and how each piece is connected. Our nephew feels like this is a toy that his daughter will enjoy for quite awhile.

    My Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 07/30/2021 by
    Jessica Stoppleworth

    The oombeecube's quality is excellent. The silicone rubber and strings are strong and I imagine this thing will stand the test of time. Our child is 18 mos. and they enjoy exploring the cube but struggle to push the shapes into their spots. I think they find this discouraging enough to only play with it for a short period of time and only if I hand it to them. My hope is that they'll enjoy it more once they figure out how much pressure they need. At this time, which is in the recommended age window for this toy, this one is not a winner for us.

    My Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 02/10/2021 by
    Brooke Smith

    My daughter loves playing with this toy. The string is easy for her to grasp and she loves chewing on the shapes.

    My Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 02/08/2021 by

    I've bought two of them now for gifts, the children love it!!!

    My Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 01/29/2021 by
    William M Kemp III

    My grandson opened his birthday gift, the OombeeCube as we watched him on a video chat. He immediately grabbed a hold of the shapes, enjoying the tethers attaching the shapes. My daughter and son-in-law seemed so happy. He held his OombeeCube our entire call. He also enjoyed chewing the shapes. His Mom was reassured when I told her that they were made of the food grade silicon. I'm sure my grandson will enjoy his OombeeCube for some time to come. Thank you...

    My Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 12/27/2020 by
    Charissa Phillips

    Older daughter plays with the shape sorting. Younger daughter likes chewing on the toy shapes. Like that the shapes are tethered and won't get lost.

    It was a gift, and the parents commented that they liked the fact the parts were all connected and wouldn't get scattered around. Also, the materials used are good for a teething baby. All are pleased to have the toy.aMy Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 12/26/2020 by
    Margaret Acree

    The parts are made of a material that can be chewed by a teething child. The are all attached, so they won't be scattered . It was a good concept, made for a teething toddler. Even the three-year-old sibling showed an interest.

    My Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 12/22/2020 by
    Cathy N

    Perfect size for little hands, with bright colors and a sturdy yet soft feel. Purchased for a little one under 6 months but used more often by a sibling almost 2 years who loves sorting games and finding specific colors and shapes.

    My Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 11/25/2020 by
    Justin Phelps

    My daughter loves the strings and chewing on the shapes.

    My Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 11/10/2020 by
    Gail Sacharski

    I ordered this product for my Special Needs granddaughter who is deaf/blind. It's a Christmas gift so she hasn't used it yet, but will use it in conjunction with her at-home learning during the school year. It looks sturdy & fits in with her learning of matching shapes so I'm looking forward to seeing how she interacts with it.

    My Review of OombeeCube

    Posted 11/03/2020 by
    Sandy Schrader

    The OombeeCube is so durable. My nephew carries it around, throws it, chews on it and it still looks brand new. i would highly recommend.

    OombeeCube great introductory shape "sorter"

    Posted 10/26/2020 by
    Stacey Barnes

    The OombeeCube is a great educational toy for shapes and sensory/fine motor! I love that the shapes are attached (so they don't get lost) but aids toddler in where it goes. My toddler loves playing with this toy!

    Age Appropriateness for OombeeCube

    NOTE: The orange color in the chart above indicate ages that are LESS than the manufacturer suggested age. Please purchase at your discretion if your child is younger than 0 years of age.