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What Is Fat Brain Toys?

Great Toys… Even Better Service.

We admit it…we’re toy snobs. Not just any toy can be a “Fat Brain Toy” and we like it that way. Browsing our website or store shelves, you’ll quickly discover that we don’t sell the licensed, violent, disposable toys being sold at most major retailers. What you will find instead is a curated collection of quality, open-ended toys, games, and gifts that both entertain AND educate.

But our unparalleled selection of quality toys is just one of the many reasons Fat Brain Toys is so unique:

  • "Toys" isn’t a category for us. IT’S ALL WE DO!
  • We provide support from our in-hou se toy experts before AND after the sale. Call us, email us, chat with us - heck, you can even fax us! We’re here for you.
  • We stock nearly every product we sell from our own centrally-located warehouse.
  • We ship FAST…in 24 hours or less for in-stock products.

Award-Winning Toy Design

We don’t just sell toys…we design the toys too.

Unable to find enough of the toys that met our high standards, we began designing our own toys in 2006. Since then, The Fat Brain Collection has won numerous industry awards and has been featured on the TODAY Show, Tonight Show, New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Our products also make frequent appearances on celebrity social media accounts like the Kardashians, Andy Cohen, and Chrissy Teigan.

Toy of the Year Finalist 2021
Parents' Choice Gold Award
Astra Best Toys for Kids
Toy Insider Award

Our Business Model

“Sorry, Mr. Middleman, your services aren’t needed here.”

As the designer of our own toys, we’re simply able to produce a better-quality toy, faster and at a lower price. Period.

Our toy-development process is equally simple. We listen to our customers’ wants & needs and then seek out innovative solutions with developmental goals in mind. Our in-house engineering team cranks out amazing designs while our “small batch” manufacturers produce everything according to our strict quality standards. After thorough safety testing, our toys ship directly from our warehouse to your doorstep - wherever in the world that doorstep may be!

Fat Brain Toys

Direcly to You

Other Retailers

From the Factory to the Truck to the Store to, finally, You

Our Roots Run Deep

Toys from our family to yours.

Toys shouldn’t originate in the boardroom, they should be born in the family room. That is the real-life heritage of Fat Brain Toys

It was 2002 when 10-year-old Adam Carson suggested to his parents that they start an online toy store from their home. Eighteen years later, not only do his parents still operate the company, but Adam is now one of its lead industrial designers.

It’s out of this family heritage that we draw inspiration. And it’s the fundamental value of play that we hope to bring to you and your family