Science & Nature

Kids are naturally curious, so it’s no surprise that these science and nature toys from Fat Brain Toys are a hit with children of any age. There’s something undeniably engaging about seeing how science works firsthand. When kids play with these kids’ science kits, models and other outstanding scientific toys, you’ll help to instill in them a lifelong love of learning and discovery. Find the best selection of cool science toys for kids when you shop online at Fat Brain Toys.

Play & Learn

Even if you don't think your child is all that excited about science, you may be surprised at the level of interest they show once they get to see some of these fun toys up close. There are so many branches of science that just about any kid can get interested in this subject. Whether they love learning about magnets and electricity, or they like to observe plants and insects in nature, you'll love seeing a spark in your child as they discover something new. Our science toys cover a number of fascinating fields, including space, technology, robotics, human biology, geology, chemistry and engineering.

Something for Every Age

Because we offer hundreds of science toys for kids, we suggest searching by age to find the perfect fit for your child or students. We have science kits for 5-year-olds along with advanced robotics toys for teens. We've made sure there's something for every boy and girl in our collection, so that all kids can experience the thrills of science on their own. Browse the full collection or narrow down the results by interest or age to find the best kids' science toys at Fat Brain Toys.