Outdoor Toys

While there are plenty of fun indoor activities kids can enjoy, it’s important to encourage outdoor play for its physical and developmental benefits. This collection of outdoor kids’ toys at Fat Brain Toys is geared toward helping to whole family get outside more often. Whether it’s a fun game, a cool sports accessory or an engaging activity, these backyard toys are all designed to help improve your child’s physical well-being and development. Plus, they can create enriching time with family and friends. Find a great selection of unique outdoor toys for toddlers, teens and everything in between when you shop at Fat Brain Toys.

Keeping Kids Active

With so much of today's entertainment delivered through screens, it's a bit harder to convince some kids to get outside and just play. Fortunately, these outdoor toys can help entice children and teens alike to spend more time out in the fresh air. It's so important for kids to run, jump and play in open outdoor spaces where they can really explore and experience nature. In addition to helping them learn about the world around them, outdoor play is critical for improving flexibility, motor skills and physical strength.

Something for Everyone

Our collection of kids' outdoor toys includes something for kids of all ages. In fact, you can even search by age and gender if you want something that's a perfect fit for a specific kid. You can also shop according to specific interests, such as swimming, science or snow, to find a good option for your child's interests or seasonal activities. Whether your kid is playing outside on their own, with friends or along with the whole family, you'll find something they'll love in this collection of backyard games and toys. Shop at Fat Brain Toys to find fun and exciting ways to get your kids outside more often.