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From the iconic Rubik's Cube to the math classroom staple Tangram's, Fat Brain Toys offers up an amazing array of brainteasers. Choose from more than 150 games and puzzles that challenge the mind, test logic and most of all get everyone thinking! Brainteasers games and puzzles make excellent birthday and holiday gifts for children and adults of all ages and are also a perfect pick for classrooms across the educational ladder. Looking for something different for your next dinner party? How about a round of Brain Quest or American Trivia? Traveling with kids is always a challenge especially on long car trips or worse a plane ride. Put Brain Quest for the Car in your carry-on and suddenly keeping the kids and the adults occupied isn't as painful as you thought.

Fat Brain Toys offers a flat shipping rate on most orders as well as same day shipping if you order before 3 p.m. CT. What will you put in your brain? Fat Brain Toys has the answer. One of our mind-boggling brainteaser games or puzzles. So, let's get thinking!