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Box & Balls

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Box & Balls

Product Description

Box & Balls. It's a rolling, bouncing, banking, stacking, nesting game!

With dozens of playing options, this classic-looking set of 8 wooden nesting boxes and 8 bouncy balls is awesome at home or away. Set yourself seemingly impossible challenges with the boxes; everything's more fun with bouncy balls!

Beginners might want to start with the suggested games printed on the sides of each box. But once you've figured out the basic play possibilities, there's no end to the play configurations!

Let's look at the challenge from Box 2: the Rolling Target Game. Simply set up the boxes in descending order, with the smallest upside down as a target basket. Looks simple, huh? But it takes a steady hand to succeed! Get the ball bouncing down each successive box and you'll know you won. The acoustic design of Box & Balls sounds like a wooden xylophone!

Play Box & Balls for family game night, too! Select a bounce game and use the numbers on the boxes for scoring; the smaller the box, the more difficult the shot, the higher the number. As the skills of small children and novice bouncy ballers grow, simply increase the level of difficulty just by decreasing target box size.

The myriad of game options appeals to all ages: from little kids just starting to test their hand-eye coordination, to college-age party games, to anyone who loves a skillful challenge! Play alone, in pairs, or even in groups.

Get rolling, get bouncing, get Box'n!

Box & Balls
  • A rolling, bouncing, banking, stacking, nesting game
  • Strengthens hand-eye-bouncy-ball coordination and fine motor skills
  • Strengthens strategy planning and game rule creation skills
  • What looks simple becomes unpredictable with bouncy balls!
  • Great for little kids, teens, party games, family challenges
  • Play alone, in pairs, or even in groups
  • Each box offers game suggestions to get you started!
  • Create more games and challenges yourself!
  • Includes 8 wooden boxes, 8 rubber bouncy balls (sometimes found in the last layer of the boxes in the packaging)
  • Classic unfinished basswood design is sturdy and handsome

    NOTE: For a full review of Box & Balls from the Parents' Choice Awards Foundation, click HERE.

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 5/16/2016
    Manufactured In Country of Origin China
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 5 years
    Fat Brain Toys Monthly Sales Ranking #60
    Dimension 5.6 x 5.6 x 5.6 inches
    Pieces 16

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    Total Customer Reviews: 224

    Overall Rating: (4.75)

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 12/30/2021 by

    My husband and I have had tons of fun with this game! My 5 year old, who we gave it to for Christmas, hasn't shown much interest. Great game concept, but can be pretty challenging. I'd say it's a little too hard for my son right now. Great quality though. We'll definitely hold onto it until he shows more interest in playing with it.

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 12/12/2021 by
    Caroline Lipinski

    Although it appears simple, this game was a hit for kids and adults at the birthday party. It was fun for the kids to set up the boxes however thy wanted and get creative with it. Only complaint would be the quality of the bouncy balls included. Overall, a fun game for kids of all ages!

    This was a hit at our Thanksgiving gathering. Uncles and Grandparents all got involved in the fun with my 5 year old great nephew. It kept him entertained for a long time.

    Posted 11/28/2021 by
    Martha Bishop

    This was a hit at our Thanksgiving gathering. Uncles and Grandparents all got involved in the fun with my 5 year old great nephew. It kept him entertained for a long time.

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 11/23/2021 by
    Karin Schultz

    This toy looks to be made extremely well. It is finished smoothly, and I'm sure that it is going to be very durable and will hold up to many hours of fun and discovery. This is a Christmas gift, so she hasn't received it yet, but it is obvious that it is a great toy.

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 11/08/2021 by

    I purchased this for my 4 year old grandson. He plays with the toy when his older cousin visits. My only concern is the size of the balls when his younger siblings are around. (ages 3 and 1)

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 10/27/2021 by

    Both of my children - just turned 6 and almost 2 - love Box & Balls. There are many suggested ways to play, and my children have enjoyed creating their own games as well. I can envision them playing this as teenagers. It's fun for the whole family!

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 10/05/2021 by

    A very simple but fun game. Made a contest out of it with family.

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 09/18/2021 by

    Fun gift for our 10 year old grandson. Love how he can play with alone or with others and that it can be arranged to challenge him in different set ups too.

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 09/13/2021 by
    Beverly Haygood

    This is really a fun and busy game/games. Gave this gift to 9 year old twins, boy and a girl. Their Mom says they have a good time with it, playing together! Happy with my purchase!!

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 09/02/2021 by

    Good idea But the quality of the boxes could use a little improvement. Boxes are very light good to transport but as the ball hits the box on some floor it will move, so the need to adjust the boxes to continue to play the game. And received one box that wasn't glued great so it coming apart.

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 08/27/2021 by
    Kristin Lebon

    This toy is so simple but amazing!!! All 3 of my kids, even the "too cool" teenager love playing with it! We made a family game night of it. Highly recommend!!

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 08/25/2021 by
    Carol Huntley

    I bought this for my nephew's birthday. He just turned six. I can't believe how much he loves this game! He played with it immediately after opening. I love this game because it is simple enough for younger children to understand how to play and how to set the games up, but also is exciting and fun and the games never get old.

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 08/18/2021 by
    Audrey Foose

    I sent this to my 4 year old great-nephew for his birthday. His mom replied right away saying that it was a real favorite for her son. He plays with it all the time, and she appreciates how it encourages creativity. This was an appeal to me as well.

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 08/02/2021 by
    Kathleen A Revotskie

    The adults seemed more interested in the toy than the children. Maybe it was too simple, not sure.

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    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 07/29/2021 by
    Michelle Cox

    My children, 5 and 7 years old, love this toy. It can be used in different ways and is a challenge so it keeps their interest. It seems so simple but can be used as a family game night.

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 07/08/2021 by
    Julie McDermott

    We have enjoyed this toy -- the simplicity of it is great. The boxes are well constructed and yield themselves to imaginative game play.

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 07/01/2021 by
    Anne Wettig

    I bought this as a birthday present for my great-nephew and he really loves it. It's fun and educational at the same time. His little sister loves it too. Thank you

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 06/28/2021 by
    susan Spalt

    This toy is very well made and very well thought out. It allows a child to come up with almost endless possibilities. Both our 7 year old grandson--it was a gift for his 7th birthday--and his 3 old sister enjoy playing with this in different ways. The kids really like this toy. I am also grateful to the Fat Brain customer service rep who straightened out an address problem. Thank you very much. We really like your toys!

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 06/28/2021 by
    Alison Hill

    High quality product and will last for years.

    My Review of Box & Balls

    Posted 06/25/2021 by
    Eric Beh-Forrest

    will hold the interest of 3 year advanced learners into early teens. Easily packed and transported for vacation use or with friends.

    Age Appropriateness for Box & Balls

    NOTE: The orange color in the chart above indicate ages that are LESS than the manufacturer suggested age. Please purchase at your discretion if your child is younger than 5 years of age.
    Warning WARNING:CHOKING HAZARD - Toy contains a small ball.
  • Not for children under 3 yrs.